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We regularly run training courses for our in-house team, the events industry, and the wider community from our purpose built facility.

Forthcoming Courses

Nexo Audioversity - AV1

From: 4th April 2023
To: 5th April 2023

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EPS brings you a NEXO Audioversity two-day course aimed at new and experienced users of NEXO audio systems.  Focussing primarily on Geo M-series, but applicable to all NEXO systems.  NEXO Onsite Training Sessions are always popular with sound professionals, installers and students alike.


Day 1 – NS-1, NeMo & Dory (theory/classroom session, laptop required)

Day 2 – Deployment of Geo M-series (practical)


This is a free course and includes lunch.

Free parking is available at EPS.

Nexo Audioversity - AV2

From: 6th April 2023
To: 6th April 2023

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AV2 follows AV1 providing deeper understanding of audio and the NEXO ecosystem.  You must have completed AV1 to enrol in AV2.


This is a free course and includes lunch.

Free parking is available at EPS.

Mental Health First Aid with Music Support

From: 2nd May 2023
To: 3rd May 2023

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Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a training course which teaches people how to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue. Whilst MHFA won’t teach you to be a therapist, it will teach you to listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis – and even potentially stop a crisis from happening in the first place.

You’ll learn to recognise warning signs of mental ill-health and develop the skills and confidence to approach and support someone while keeping yourself safe. You’ll also learn how to empower someone to access the support they might need for recovery or successful management of symptoms. This could include self-help books or websites, accessing therapy services through their GP or place of work, online self-referral, support groups, and more. What’s more, you’ll gain an understanding of how to support positive wellbeing and tackle stigma in the world around you.

This course is delivered face-to-face over two consecutive days


Course Fee £325+VAT, includes lunch.

Free parking is available at EPS.

Applications close on Friday 28th April at 18:00

ChamSys MagicQ Basic

From: 4th July 2023
To: 4th July 2023

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1 day MagicQ training course

The MagicQ basic training course covers the use of all MagicQ products including our range of PC Wings and MagicQ consoles. The course covers starting new shows from scratch, layouts, patching, recording and editing cues, cue lists and chases, FX programming. The courses is suitable for all skill levels, but suited more to those starting out with MagicQ.  Experienced users can pick up new tips and tricks. Set up for training is two people per console using ChamSys MagicVis for visualisation.

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