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We regularly run training courses for our in-house team, the events industry, and the wider community from our purpose built facility.

Forthcoming Courses

ChamSys MagicQ Basic

From: 4th July 2023
To: 4th July 2023

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1 day MagicQ training course

The MagicQ basic training course covers the use of all MagicQ products including our range of PC Wings and MagicQ consoles. The course covers starting new shows from scratch, layouts, patching, recording and editing cues, cue lists and chases, FX programming. The courses is suitable for all skill levels, but suited more to those starting out with MagicQ.  Experienced users can pick up new tips and tricks. Set up for training is two people per console using ChamSys MagicVis for visualisation.

Introduction to the Eos Family Control System with ETC

From: 5th September 2023
To: 6th September 2023


ETC’s Eos family of lighting consoles provide simple and approachable control for all applications and environments. This two-day course will cover the basics as well as some of the more advanced features of this industry-leading platform. This hands-on class covers programming theory and application for all Eos family consoles along with a hardware overview for Nomad, Element, Element 2, Ion, Ion Xe, Gio @5, Gio, Eos Ti and Apex.

The sessions will start at 10:00 and end at 17:00 on both days.

Spaces are limited to 8 seats per session and registration is accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please note that we present our training based on a two-people-per-console arrangement, so you will be sharing your workspace.

Please also note that the training may be presented on any console in the Eos family range.  The course is free to attend.  If you are aged 16 or 17 and wish to attend, please email before booking onto the course.

Day one: Eos Essentials

You will learn about console philosophy, navigation and the core skills you need to be able to start programming your show. You will learn to work with and program both conventional and moving lights (including working with LED luminaires), channel control, recording and playback and data management.

Day two: Eos Expanded

Building on the content covered in day one, you will learn how to manage referenced data, the building blocks for any show. We will look at processes and build the skills you need as a programmer to be able to ensure a smooth and consistent workflow. You will learn to use effects, macros, marking and magic sheets in addition to a host of other tools and features.

Nexo Audioversity - AV1

From: 3rd October 2023
To: 4th October 2023

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EPS brings you a NEXO Audioversity two-day course aimed at new and experienced users of NEXO audio systems.  Focussing primarily on Geo M-series, but applicable to all NEXO systems.  NEXO Onsite Training Sessions are always popular with sound professionals, installers and students alike.


Day 1 – NS-1, NeMo & Dory (theory/classroom session, laptop required)

Day 2 – Deployment of Geo M-series (practical)


This is a free course and includes lunch.

Free parking is available at EPS.

Nexo Audioversity - AV2

From: 5th October 2023
To: 5th October 2023

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AV2 follows AV1 providing deeper understanding of audio and the NEXO ecosystem, focussing on subwoofer deployment and system measurement.  You must have completed AV1 to enrol in AV2.


This is a free course and includes lunch.

Free parking is available at EPS.

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